Food for family & friends

Hearty Food was borne out my love of cooking for people. Following a private chef job for a family in Devon, I missed the joy and satisfaction of cooking good food that was shared and enjoyed around a lively, appreciative table. Hearty Food aims to create this relaxed style of dining with fantastic food and a personal and friendly service.

Style of dining

Hearty Food menus normally have many dishes to share and enjoy. Some menus can be eaten as a 3-course format and others are  served as one big sharing feast. Either way, the food is usually served on beautiful platters and put in the middle of the table – giving everyone the opportunity to try different flavours and dishes. It’s such a relaxed, fun and social way to dine. Starters and desserts can be plated up, if desired, depending on the occasion and your preference.

The food and flavours

The menus reflect a global influence, that is relaxed in style but big on taste. The vibrant and exciting food scene in London, along with some interesting travel, has influenced the type of food I love to cook. I draw on inspiration from different global cuisines but there’s definitely a nod to the Mediterranean and Middle East, but not exclusively so. Menus are always very fresh, seasonal with lots of interesting flavours, textures and colour.

Visit the menus page to see some examples.

Local ingredients from Devon

Quality local ingredients

Devon has a wonderful larder of ingredients available. From well reared, grass fed and flavourful meat, beautiful fresh fish and seafood to rich tasting dairy fed on natural pastures. There’s also other local ingredients such as fruit and vegetables, brilliant bakeries and a myriad of other suppliers in the area.

I buy good quality ingredients and shop locally if I can; I will always try to shop as sustainably and as seasonally as possible. It’s something I feel very strongly about. Buying local and seasonal ingredients means the ingredients are at their best in terms of quality and flavour, and, of course, it makes sense for the environment, too.

Butchers – Pipers Farm, Olivers in Totnes and Lidstones in Kingsbridge
Fish & seafood – Catch of The Day, Kingsbridge
Cheeses – Country Cheeses, Totnes
Bread – Almond Thief & Hylsten Bakery
Seasonal fruit & veg – Dartington Estate, Ben’s Farm Shop, Challices, Riverford, Annies in Totnes.